- and rock paintings

Mt. Mtuzu
Visitors with energy for outdoor activities can join our local guides for hiking tours of the nearby Mt. Mtuzu that offers beautiful views of the surrounding area of Butiama. The walk lasts between 2 -3 hours.

Mt. Chamuriyo
Alternatively, visitors can embark on the more engaging task of climbing Mara region’s highest peak, Mt. Chamuriyo, a day-long hike.

Baba wa Taifa - Father of the Nation
Baba wa Taifa - page 2
Butiama’s attractions - a study safari
How to get there
Trekking - and rock paintings

Muhunda Nature Walk
Visitors, who prefer a less strenuous hike can walk through the nature trails of the nearby Muhunda ancestral forest.

Rock paintings
Inside and arround the new building you will find very interesting rock paintings (photo in the middle) - probably more than 20.000 years old.

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