JS’ Paradise is a little resort, which is located at one of the shores of Lake Victoria at Speke Bay Golf.
The resort is located 13 km from the Ndabaka Entrance Gate to Serengeti National Park and 135 km from Mwanza.

Visit JS’ Paradise and have a great day
. You will learn about Africa’s giant lake,
daily life in a traditional fishing village
and about the Sukuma tribe - the biggest
ethnic group in Tanzania.


• Visiting a fishing village US$ 30 per van.
• Canoeing US$ 30 per canoe (maximum 4 pax per canoe).
• Fishing trip US$ 30 per canoe (maximum 4 pax per canoe)
• Visiting a traditional healer US$ 60 per van.
• Visiting a traditional Sukuma village (walking tour) US$ 50 per van.
• Bird watch/walk US$ 40 per group.
• Cycling to typical Sukuma rual land US$ 20 per cycle.
• Lunch and cold drinks can be arranged with advanced notice.

Cultural and village safari

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Further information and enquiries: safari4@mwanza-guide.com
- and traditional dance
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