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Ukara Island got electricity last year - via huge solar panels and life for many people has changed to the better. An attraction on Ukara Island is the ‘Dancing Stone of Butimba’ - a very interesting (and mysterious) place to visit.

Rubondo Island is a national park in the lake with a fantastic bird life - more than 400 different bird species are recorded here. See more about Rubondo Island in the next chapter.

Lake Victoria is also known as the source of the River Nile - the second longest river (6,853 km) in the world.

Lake Victoria - the World’s second largest (about 69,000 km2) fresh water lake has
some 3,000 islands ranging from small to big.

Ukerewe Island is the largest with its 535 km2 - and also the largest
inland island in Africa. The main city is Nansio - a very traditional African
city. There is ferry connection to the island from Mwanza several
times a day. The duration is about 3 hours.

Another island near Mwanza - is Ukara Island, some 10 km north of Ukerewe and with daily ferry connection from Ukerewe - the ‘main’ island in the region. The name of the main city is Bwisva, but outside is the life very traditional.

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