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Rubondo Island is tucked in the southwest corner of Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest lake, an inland sea sprawling between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

The national park has also a number of indigenous mammal species - hippo, sitatunga, vervet monkey, genet and mongoose - which share their protected habitat with introduced species such as chimpanzee, black & white colobus monkey, elephant and giraffe, all of which benefit from the island’s inaccessibility.

Rubondo Island is a paradise for bird lovers too - as more than 400 different species are recorded here.

Ninety percent of the park’s 457 km2 (176 sq miles) are humid forest; the remaining ranges from open grassland to lakeside papyrus beds.

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Mwanza - Rubondo Island National Park


On the rocky bank below, a well-fed and five
meter long monster of a crocodile snaps
to life, startled from its nap.
It stampedes through the crunchy
undergrowth - jumping into the
water with a big splash in front of our boat.
The crocodile was very angry, as the photo clearly shows - probably a female who brooded on her eggs - according to the park ranger on duty.