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Dr. Koch was awarded with the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1905 - for his invention of the cure for tuberculosis.

He died on May 27th, 1910 in Baden-Baden, Germany - four years before the outbreak of World War 1.

At present it’s empty. Massai watchmen use it for sleeping quarters and demant a little money from visitors who come there.

Dr. Robert Koch’s house in Mwanza was build by the German colonial administration, at that time, for medical research.
It really looks like a strong German castle of the past. Through a winding staircase, one can enter the interior large room and stand on the veranda with a nice view of the city of Mwanza. This imposing house was actually never used for medical research, but the British and Tanzanian governments used it for administration.

Duration: About two hours.

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Dr. Robert Koch was born in December 1843 in Clausthal in the Upper Hartz Mountains (Germany). He taught himself to read - with help from newspapers at the age of only five years old. In 1862 he went to the University of Göttingen to study medicine - which he finished with a M.D. de
gree only four years later.
Visit Dr. Robert Koch’s House
- a Nobel Prize winner in Mwanza
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