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Closer to the lake one is shown the place where Arab traders kept and sold slaves from Uganda, Bukoba and Ukerewe Island. (The landing site is shown on the photo below.)

The Kageye as a historic site was developed by Father David Clement of Bujora.
Duration: About five - six hours.

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Already at the entrance gate, symbols show the former importance of this place.

Firstly, as the seat or Residence of a local Sukuma Chief, secondly, as a harbour and market for Muslim Arab Traders - and thirdly as a harbour for the British explorer Henry Morton Stanley and Anglican and Catholic missionaries.

The local custodian (photo in the middle) will explain in Swahili the attractions left over by the chief; his house, graves and grinding stones. (Our guide will translate into English if needed.)

A tent made of cement which commemorates the presence of Mr. Stanley there. In 1875 he went from Kageye around the lake by boat and verified the outflow of the lake into the River Nile.

Safari to Kageye Historical Point
- slave trade and ‘The source of the River Nile’
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Finally one will see a monument for the British Anglican Church Missionary Society (CMS) missionaries who sailed from Kageye to Uganda in the beginning of 1877.