at the shore - exactly where the ferry and many hundred victims are resting at the bottom - just about a kilometer out in the lake. (Photo to your left.)

All the (known) victim’s names are written on the foot of statue (Photo below).

Our guide will show you around - and tell you more about the sad story - known as
‘Africa’s Titanic Disaster’.

The official graveyard for the victims is located between Igoma and Kisesa - only few kilometers from Mwanza.
Duration: About two - three hours.

Further information please call:
+255 766 636286 - +255 714 204013

Or mail us at:
Please write ‘’MV Bukoba Memorial’ in the subject line.

On May 21st 1996 - early in the morning, the ferry MV Bukoba capsized - and sank, after it had been flowting several hours upsite down on Lake Victoria, only few
nautical miles from Mwanza Harbour.

The ship had a license to carry 430 passengers, but as many as 800 feared to have died - trapped in their cabins in
the overloaded ferry. It is said - that everybody in Mwanza lost a family member, a good friend or a neighbor that morning in May 1996. About 280 passageres
survived - many saved themselves by means of flowting banana bunches from the cargo on the deck.

The ‘MV Bukoba Memorial
- and get the tragic story behind
Few kilometers from Mwanza Town you will find the ‘MV Bukoba Memorial Statue’. It’s located
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