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JIWE KUBWA - (‘big stone/rock in Swahili) - is a ‘suburb’ to Mwanza located only abour 6 km from town and about 3 km from a fishing village called Mihama.
Jiwa Kubwa and Mihama and other little areas tucked in-between them are so radically different from town - that it almost like being in another country. Or at least in a very different part of Tanania.
Safari to ‘Jiwe Kubwa
- probably the World’s second biggest stone
Jiwe Kubwa - or just Jiwe Kuu (means the same) is one of the more interesting landbaced rock formations around Mwanza Town.
Many round bulders sit atop this rocky outcrop north of town (Bwiru) and they have all managed to stay there without rolling off, thank God.
Duration: About two hours+.

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The road up to Jiwe Kubwa is a challenge of its own kind - muddy, rutted or on top of stones according to the season and the actual weather condition as well.

We are offering a guided safari to the top of Jiwe Kubwa - by car (as long up as possible). On the top you will find a splendid view of the surroundings - inclusive of Mwanza Town as well.

JIWE KUBWA - is also a perfect place for shooting fashion photos or for video recordings.

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