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The Sukuma (People in the North) tribe is the largest ethnic group (out
of more than 120) in Tanzania - and their population reaches over five
million - and still growing. They are scattered around the country and live
not only in rural areas and plains, but also in cities, mostly in Mwanza and
Shinyanga. Consequently, their traditional lifestyle drastically changed
and they succumbed to the modern way of life.

The Sukuma ancestors are believed to have migrated into Tanzania from present-day’s Uganda, beginning about the 17th century. The Sukuma people are closely related to the Nyamwezi (People of the Moon) tribe, Tanzania’s second largest ethnic group centred in the Tabora region.

Most Sukuma people are farmers and their lands comprise one of Tanzania’s most important agricultural areas. Cattle (long-orned Ankole cattle) are also an important source of livelihood.

Sukuma population: About 8,9 million
Nyamwezi population: About 1 million