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Mwanza - and the surroundings

Mwanza City was founded as Mwanza Town by Mehmed Emin Pasha, a
German Colonial Administrator way back in 1892 for the purpose of
coordinating the raw cotton export to Europe.

This product was being produced in the region and the production
was growing fast. Mwanza Town experiences a steady growth.
This growth was mainly due to the conductive economic activities which were abound in the region as enumerated hereunder.

Mwanza has grown and is now the 2nd largest city in Tanzania - and situated at the centre of East and Central African countries. Mwanza is located on the shores of Lake Victoria to the south. With pleasant weather and undulating features of hills, valleys, rivers and the lake it’s very friendly to tourists; while its proximity to the world famous Serengeti National Park adds its attraction to tourists.

Population: About 1.200,000
Time zone: GMT +3
Elevation: 1,140 meter above sea level (3,740 ft)

Source: Mr. Barnabas Kiyuga

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