African Art - from Mwanza

The artist, Simon Ndokeji (picture left) - born in Kisesa, Mwanza (1962), married to Mama Susan Martine and father to three sons.
Mr. Simon is famous for his ‘Wax batiks’ - and the batiks from his hand are definitely far from the ordinary tourist junk copies - sold on every street corner in Arusha and Dar es Salaam.
Simon Ndokeji is also the artist behind several decorations in Mwanza - e.g. at Tilapia
Hotel. On top of that - he is international known and most appreciated. He has just finished his second tour to Europe.
All photos by: Hans Kristoffersen
A new shoot on Mr. Simon’s tree is the lampshades - painted with
extreme care on (thick) handmade glass.
Size: Height 20 cm (8 inch)
Price: 25 US$ + shipment. A set of three lampshades: 60 US$ + shipment.
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Batik size: 40 x 60 cm (16 x 24 inch)
Price: 62 US$ + shipment. A set of two batiks: 80 US$ + shipment.

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