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The Sukuma museum

The Sukuma Museum is a community-based organization that promotes and celebrates the traditional and contemporary arts of the Sukuma culture. The Museum provides an interactive and educational environment where Sukuma elders teach younger generation traditional history and arts, and younger generations are encouraged to develop and expand creative voices and new Sukuma artistic trends.

The Museum also welcomes visitors to workshops that provide training for those interested in learning the traditional arts of the Sukuma. The Museum is the only institution devoted to Sukuma culture and is the sole benefactor of objects from the ancient Sukuma chiefdoms and Dance societies.

Entrance fees
Foreigners per person:      
8,000/= TSH (adults)    
4,000/= TSH for children    
This includes Museum guided tour (duration: approx. one hour), photographing and snake show.
Video shooting is 10,000/= TSH (exclusive guided tour).    


Watching traditional dances is 60,000/= TSH (for one to ten persons) and for a group of people more than ten is 80,000/= TSH.
The Bujora Cultural Centre and Sukuma Museum in Kisesa, are historical institutions founded for the education and support of Sukuma culture. The arts of the Sukuma culture are among the richest in East Africa. As the Sukuma people are the largest cultural group in Tanzania, the Sukuma culture is dispersed throughout the country. The heart of Usukuma is in the Lake Zone of Mwanza, Shinyanga and the Mara regions where the legacy of a rich art tradition is now maintained.
Further information: bujora@mwanza-guide.com (via Mwanza Guide ‘online’ office)
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